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I have received a fair amount of new traffic during the last week. Most of you have come to read my post about the technical abilities of the 9A310M1 Buk-M1, and the evidence surrounding its use against the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 that was tragically brought down over Ukraine. I hope you have enjoyed the read, and would like to take a moment to say a very warm Welcome, and give a brief presentation of this blog as a whole.

Corporal Frisk is a pseudonym, my nom de plume, which I’ve borrowed from an 18-century ancestor. At some point I will probably give more details about who I am, but until then you are free to read my posts and decide for yourself if you find them trustworthy or not.

My main interest is in the naval field, but due to the current hot spots in Ukraine and Gaza, there have been quite a number of posts which have no relation whatsoever to the sea. There will probably be more naval material, if and when these two current crises are over. The tags and categories are found to the left, click on them to get to the posts that interest you.

//Corporal Frisk

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my new readers

    1. For the blogroll I have chosen mainly such blogs that I feel add to the distinctive feature of the blog, namely the defence debate in Finland and Sweden. If the question is, why isn’t there more English blogs, that is the answer. It is not that I think there aren’t high-quality blogs outside of the roll, but to avoid it being overly long and cluttered, I have drawn the line in this way. If the question is, why isn’t there more Finnish blogs in the roll, then I stand corrected. I haven’t updated the blogroll since I started blogging, and by that time my knowledge of the Finnish blogosphere wasn’t really that up to date. I will immediately insert a few Finnish blogs I do believe should be included. If you have anything in any language you feel is missing, don’t hesitate to say so, although I won’t guarantee that I will include them.

      //Corporal Frisk

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