Blog Update

This will be an update about the Corporal Frisk-blog rather than a post about current events.

Much the same as last year, spring is shaping up to be a quite intensive period for me, which as you have noticed have meant that some time have passed since my last post. I expect this to continue for a few months, but I will try to get in a blog post every now and then, even if it will not be with the frequency I would like to maintain.

Rest assured, these real-life issues are neither that dramatic nor in any way tragic, but I can naturally not disclose their nature any further while retaining my anonymity. There will, however, be a major shift in my professional life, which indirectly will affect certain areas that I cover on the blog, mainly through me having (further) access to material which is not necessarily open-source. I always strive towards my posts being as objective as possible, as well as clearly stating which open sources my texts are based upon, so this will not cause any major changes in the way I write or collect information.

I should again emphasize that the effects of this abovementioned shift will remain minor, out of my 40+ posts so far, I believe only one post would probably not have been written under these new conditions. However, for the sake of openness and the blog’s trustworthiness, I am seriously contemplating whether I should continue under my pen name or not. I am starting to feel that while it probably was the right choice to begin with, at this point a full disclosure of my credentials and experience might be of more value to the reader. I will not make any changes on the issue for the moment, but for those of you that have given more or less subtle hints on the subject, I can assure you that I am not completely oblivious to your arguments. But, all this remains an open topic for now. Meanwhile, make sure to follow the defence and security discussion (and me!) on Twitter.