Advent Calendar #1: Marine Recon

For this year I decided to do something different, so here comes Corporal Frisk’s Advent Calendar, where each day up until the 24 December (because that’s how we roll in Finland) you will get a picture or some other media that I feel deserves to be shared. As usual my focus will be on FDF, but don’t be surprised if some other topics suddenly make an appearance.

The marine recon soldiers (Meritiedustelijat) of the Coastal Brigade is one of the less-recognised ‘tough’ conscript units of the FDF. The trade brings all the usual hardship of long-range reconnaissance (heavy packs, small units, long hikes, …) and adds the special flavour that doing it in the Finnish archipelago provides. Here a recce team on exercise dries their clothes after having “accidentally” ended up in the sea during a mission. Having gotten their kit dry, the patrol continued with their original task. Picture source: Merivoimat FB