Advent Calendar #13: Naval Aviation

Today we have a brand image, released by the Coastal Fleet today and showing FNS Tornio cooperating with a H215 Super Puma of the Finnish Border Guards. This individual, OH-HVP, is one of two new Super Pumas of the AS332L1e-version that were bought in 2015 to replace outgoing Agusta Bell AB412, and were followed by the FBG’s three older Super Pumas being retrofitted to the same standard. While the Finnish Navy lacks any aviation capabilities of its own, it regularly trains with rotary-winged assets of both the Border Guards and the Finnish Army, as well as with the two maritime patrol aircraft of the FBG and the fast jets of the Finnish Air Force. The importance of cooperation with the Finnish Air Force seems set to increase, as under the HX-programme one of the five key capabilities is cooperation with the Navy (possibly including kinetic anti-ship missions). At the same time, the Navy is exploring the possibilities of starting to use unmanned air systems, which is seen for example in the inclusion of a small hangar aboard the new Pohjanmaa-class corvettes. While the Navy still is tight-lipped about the potential role of any upcoming UAS, it does seem natural to first expect them to be used as an additional sensor, possibly giving longer range compared to the vessel’s own sensor suite and allowing the vessel to stay silent in the EW-domain. Picture source: Rannikkolaivasto Twitter

One thought on “Advent Calendar #13: Naval Aviation

  1. E.A. Presley

    Well, well. The Super Puma frame seems to be pretty successful — was it in late 80’s or early 90’s we got first Super Pumas? It seems to be like MI-8 (and its derivates) of the Western Europe in longevity.

    Nice pick, Corporal.

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