Advent Calendar #7: Urban Snipers

A member of a sniper team takes part in the FDF course for fighters in urban terrain at Santahamina, home of the Guard Jaeger Regiment. This is Finland’s premier unit when it comes to military operations in urban terrain, being situated on the island of Santahamina just outside of Helsinki. Among the particularities of the unit is also the Sports School of the FDF, where professional athletes serve their conscript duty (athletes in wintersports do their service in the Kainuu Brigade, but still sort organisationally under the Sports School). As 19 year olds are usually in an important stage of their career, and as being good at sports is no excuse for skipping service in Finland, the Sports School gives the opportunity of service starting in April or October instead of the usual January/July cycle, as well as training throughout their service time. In return, the FDF will use the fact that athletes have a good fitness to train them in different recce roles. Picture source: Guard Jaeger Regiment Twitter

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