Advent Calendar #8: Mountain Rangers

While Sweden and Finland largely share the same climate and geography, one distinct feature that Finland largely lacks is the higher alpine zones, including glaciers. In Sweden these can be found in the Scandinavian mountains close to the Norwegian border. While it is possible to traverse most of the Swedish wilderness with “regular” subarctic skills, the Swedish Army does feature a single platoon out of the Army Ranger Battalion (AJB, soon to become K4 Norrland Dragoon Regiment) trained as specialists in mountain warfare. The unique 12. Bergsjägarpluton (12. Mountain Ranger Platoon) spends a lot of their time in some of the most demanding wilderness found in the Nordic countries. Here members of the platoon are seen traversing both peaks of Kebnekaise (Giebmegáisi), the two highest peaks in Sweden. Picture source: Jimmy Croona/Försvarsmakten