Advent Calendar #9: Arriving Somewhere

Logistics is never the most sexy of topics, and maritime logistics is no exception. Still, there’s no denying its importance. The Finnish Navy has downsized the number of general cargo vessels with ro-ro capabilities over the past few decades, while at the same time also disbanding a number of island-based garrisons. Still, there’s the occasional need to move more than just backpack-sized equipment, and with the slow change from a largely open-topped fleet of Uisko 200/300/400-series landing crafts to the covered Jurmo- and Jehu-classes for light transport the ability to move e.g. ATVs in the archipelago is diminishing. At the same time, the Pansio-class mineferries which have an important secondary transport role will also start to become more heavily tasked as tenders following their MLU and the upcoming withdrawal of the mineships. Interestingly, Sweden is (again) looking at creating mobile sea-based logistics capabilities, potentially opening up for collaboration on some of the least sexy platforms of either Navy. One can only hope that the budget for the replacement of the Kampela-class vessels, most of which have already been retired, haven’t been eaten up by other projects. Picture source: Merivoimat FB