Advent Calendar #12: All Quiet on the Eastern Front?

The lack of transparency and communications with regards to the Finnish operation in Afghanistan (closing in on two decades by now) is one of my pet peeves – an operation that was supposed to be roughly as dangerous and complex as KFOR evolved into something completely else, and most importantly there’s still no complete narrative in open sources on A) what FDF has been doing there all these years, B) what are the political goals, and C) how has the operation changed over the years? I should emphasise that I’m not against the operation per se and by all accounts the vast majority of those that have served seems to have done a stellar job, but it does feel strange that after all these years anyone wanting to get a comprehensive picture of what Finland has been doing in Afghanistan will need to piece it together from numerous open sources (some of which are non-trivial to get hold of) that each hold a small piece of the puzzle. In the picture above it seems like the Germans are coming in to provide a lift. Picture source: Maavoimat Twitter

One thought on “Advent Calendar #12: All Quiet on the Eastern Front?

  1. Niko Auvinen

    I have not yet taken notice in such matters but now that you mention this void of information, it is indeed quite intresting.
    What sort of methods of inquiry have you thus far taken, or simply scraped the netscape for it?

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