Advent Calendar #20: Tracked Mobility

Training troops that are supposed to be able to operate in a region where a meter (or more!) of snow isn’t unusual means that the Kainuu Brigade is one of the most prolific users of tracked all-terrain vehicles in the FDF. While the Swedish Bv 206 is well-known internationally, the unit also uses locally designed and built Sisu NA-series vehicles. However, both models are starting to be rather long in tooth, and while a small number of Bv308 have been acquired the requirement to replace the large number of Bv206 and NA vehicles remain to be solved in the upcoming years. As such Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, the UK, Norway and Sweden are working on a joint project for a replacement vehicle, but in the meantime the old vehicles are carrying on as they’ve done for the last few decades. Edit: Seems Finland (and Norway) has dropped out of the project since last year. Thanks to @nHenrikJ for pointing this out! Picture source: KAIPR Twitter