Advent Calendar #21: It Came from Beneath the Sea

You’d be excused for thinking the picture shows a soldier, but it is in fact an erikoisrajajääkäri, a member of the elite Finnish Border Guard unit that ranks among the top when it comes to the most demanding roles a Finnish conscript can train as. And as we noted a few days ago, the FBG sort under the Ministry of the Interior and not the MoD (though as we also noted, in wartime the FBG would be integrated into the FDF wartime chain of command, so the line regarding the conscripts is somewhat blurry). The erikoisrajajääkärit (special border rangers) are trained at the FBG Academy in Immola, and all conscripts reach at least NCO ranks, with approximately a quarter doing the SOF reserve officer course together with the paras in Utti. Picture source: Raja- ja merivartiokoulu Twitter

3 thoughts on “Advent Calendar #21: It Came from Beneath the Sea

  1. E.A. Presley

    That was a new unit for me — this is different from Finnish Navy’s combat divers that is also possibility for conscripts?

      1. E.A. Presley

        Well, little did I know of this unit. Now I know 🙂

        There seems to be a special unit for everything nowadays — perhaps reflecting the multitude of different threat scenarios.

        Merry Christmas and thank you for the great articles during the year!

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